Science & Tec is a consulting company for strategic scientific and technical issues. It was founded by a team of academic scientists in order to help the managers of large companies in scientific and technical matters.

Science & Tec opens a window upon the academic world. But the expertise of Science & Tec is unique, and its capabilities are specific and outside of the scope of the academic approach.

Over one hundred of world renowned academic scientists working in applied mathematics, chemistry, physics, chemical physics, material science, computer science and systems engineering, also work part-time for
Science & Tec, in addition to their basic research.

These scientists work in France, Germany, England, Italy and in the United States, and also in international laboratories such as CERN.

Science & Tec deals with strategic restricted information and considers any information from the Client as being secret.

The company has extensive experience in working closely with industrial partners, as demonstrated by the number of contracts obtained on quality problems in the automotive industry.

The Client owns all the results of any study ordered from
Science & Tec.
Four months is the typical turnaround time for a Science & Tec study. Depending on the scope of work, the price will be within the range of 15 000 to 150 000 euros.

Science & Tec, siège social La Cour du Val, 14340 MANERBE, Tél . 06 85 34 47 31
S.A. au capital de  50 091 € - RCS Lisieux 339 083 487,  SIRET 339 083 487 000 68