Scientific Advisors

Industry has to import an increasing part of its scientific knowledge from the academics. This is a complex process, and Science & Tec is a catalyst to help you getting the best in the easiest way.

This is the reason why Science & Tec is often a major scientific advisor of the top managment.

Technological bench-marking.

Product design

Product design management: staff organization, procedures, bench-marking.

Quality oriented design.

Paving the way to new products design (technical intelligence, key issues identification).

Manufacturing process analysis

For plants using complex processes, including hundreds of set-ups (TV tubes, painting, sticking, plastic molding, rubber and so on).

Suffering from high waste levels, which often become even higher during temporary crises?

We offer tools to help your engineers effect a drastic improvement in process control and waste reduction.

Technical and scientific intelligence

State of the art.

Technical intelligence.

Technical risk evaluation.

Technical hearings

To prepare a strategic business plan.

Before reorganization.

For mergers and acquisitions.

Fire fighting

A tough quality problem.

An unrealized product design.

A competitor who pushes your product out of market.

A drastic pressure on the prices.

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